Why choose us?

When starting a company in Germany you have several alternatives:

Why you should entrust us with the organization and the support of your business in Germany:

  • Our company has formed a team of experts on the most important economic and financial aspects of any company. Our goal is to help our clients establish a business in Germany, give them full and objective information for the decision-making, support the company growth and defend their interests in dealings with German authorities. Our in-depth knowledge of German laws and international business practices allow us to offer you "all-around" support and the best business strategy considering all aspects the your goals, wishes and possibilities.
  • Our company has been on the market since 1997 offering support to our clients in all business and industry branches for both large corporations or small businesses. We have successfully helped our clients to establish and develop their business in Germany and solve any problems along the way.Наши сотрудники имеют высшее экономическое образование, полученное как в России, так и в Германии.
  • We can resolve most of the business issues in-house without outside expertise. This saves your time and financial resources.
  • On all other occations we have additional resources at our disposal. Throughout the years we have developed close ties to the best experts in various industries. You would not have to search for qualified specialists on all those issues that may arise as you live and work in Germany.

We will make you feel secure and confident that your business is in best hands.

But if you would like to consider alternatives, here is what you are likely to find:

1. Consulting companies offering to register your business in Europa/USA/China or any other country in the world. As you know, these consultants work together with local partners in these countries. As a result, you will end up overpaying for all the services. In addition, you will know who is actually taking care of you on the other end. These local partners may not be the company to whom you would entrust your business.

2. A German consulting or law company. The most obvious disadvantage for you is the language barrier. We have had many clients who had first addressed German consultants who did not understand or resolve their specific issues. Some consulting companies have international employees and you might be offered services in your language. But most likely this will not be an expert with extensive experience and in-depth business expertise but a run of the mill employee with a two-year vocational training. In addition, you will again end up overpaying.

3. Consulting companies from your native country established in Germany. There is an increasing number of such companies especially from Eastern Europe appearing on the market. Unfortunately, there are very few true professionals. Most of these so-called "consulting companies" have people who speak several languages and know how to use the internet at best. As experience demonstrates, many newcomers to Germany have become victims of these inexperienced and unprofessional intermediaries who would do anything to attract new clients. Taking advantage of your lack of experience in Germany they will convince you to buy a loss-generating German firm and offer hopelessly overpriced services. Some "professionals" will attempt to sell you their services at a cheap rate but, as you know, you get what you pay for. Without considerable experience and knowledge of the German market and mentality it is extremely hard to evaluate the profitability of a project or to compare it with similar undertakings in another country even for very experienced businessmen. Especially when it comes to the German system of taxation, it can be very tricky to conduct business in Germany and the right approach can help you to considerably increase your profitability.