Taxation in Germany

Taxation in Germany

Any enterprise relies on accounting for internal controlling as well as financial reporting to the tax authorities. However, a foreign investor may encounter certain difficulties with taxation under German law.

The activity of the tax advisers in Germany is regulated by the Tax Services Act (Steuerberatungsgesetz). Only certified tax advisors can provide tax advice. On the issues of taxation we work closely with the tax advisory office of Tatiana Kühne-Khrisanfova (

Tax advisory office of Tatiana Kühne-Khrisanfova will help you navigate the complexities of the Germany tax system.

You will receive full accounting support for your business activities. The tax experts have advanced degrees from  the leading German universities and constantly further their knowledge and skills to stay up-to-date with the most recent developments of the German tax regulations. Thus, you are insured against accidental errors in your tax reporting and resulting penalties.

In addition, the experts of the tax office of Tatiana Kühne-Khrisanfova can provide you with accounting advice and take care of the salary payment for your employees as well as any other financial transactions required for your business activities. It is also important to note that the cost for the external tax advisor are tax deductible.

Specialists of Tatiana Kühne-Khrisanfova's tax office will also help you to understand the intricacies of tax legislation when acquiring an existing business. Thus, you are always insured against buying a loss-making or indebted business. If your business involves foreign economic transactions, the tax advisor is also ready to assist and to prepare all the documents for customs authorities, including the calculation and payment of relevant taxes.