Consumer Services

We will support you in your search and help you buy a company in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as other EU countries. We can advise you on any questions you may have if you want to sell or buy a business in Germany. Please note that the purchase of a ready-made business in Germany is done directly with its owner under the supervision of a notary public, which guarantees all rights and legally protected interests of the buyer.

Our services related to business acquisition:

  • Defining the search profile
  • Searching for suitable target companies
  • Selection of information material
  • Selection of suitable target enterprises
  • Addressing potential target enterprises
  • Negotiation
  • Statement (Letter of Intent)
  • Negotiations with target companies

To properly assess a company and assess the condition of the real estate in a company, it is not enough just to familiarize yourself with the financial and accounting documents of the company in recent years. It is imperative to examine the chosen industry and to conduct a full analysis of the business activities. For this purpose, we cooperate with the largest German M&A companies.

In some cases, additional information is obtained from the relevant official bodies (cadaster, absence of debts, timely payment of taxes, lack of court decisions, availability of necessary permits, etc.).

Thanks to our many years of working in the German market, we have an extensive database of owners. Knowing the investment wishes of our customers, we can quickly develop a suitable offer.

In addition to the fact that the acquisition of a ready-made business in Germany is a profitable transaction, business immigration to Germany and residence permit for business owners can be greatly simplified.