Permanent residence permit: step by step

You contact our Trimex Consulting GmbH and we analyze your situation. You provide the information about yourself and your planned activities in Germany. Depending on your situation, we may offer you a completely different approach to immigration to Germany that you haven't previously been aware of.

If you already have a business in Germany, we will help to develop an action strategy that will enable you and your family to obtain a residence permit in Germany. If you have a viable business idea or an already existing business in another country, we will help you to develop a business strategy for Germany.

If you don't have an active business in Germany yet, Trimex Consulting will help in search and economic evaluation of a suitable business that will allow you to get a residence permit in Germany as an investor. For this purpose we cooperate with German banks, consultants, brokers and bankruptcy managers.

It is important to understand that each business plan is considered individually and the business idea should be of interest to the German economy. Our specialists will advise you on all issues

The next step is preparing all documents. The process of obtaining a residence permit in Germany consists of several stages, and each of these stages has its own peculiarities:

I. Preparing documents

  • After signing the advisory contract with our firm, the client is expected to pay 35% of the total cost of our services.
  • We send you a questionnaire containing questions concerning the business.

To prepare documents for obtaining a national visa in Germany it is necessary to draw up a business plan with a description of the business idea and the reason for obtaining a residence permit for investors in Germany. The justification is the economic benefit that the investor can bring to the country / specific region (our tax office prepares all the documents based on the questionnaire completed by the client). The client prepares his biography, translates his employment record, diplomas and other documents confirming his qualifications as an entrepreneur.

As a rule, it takes 1-2 months to prepare all documents. All this time there is an intensive communication between our office and the client or his representative.

  • The client fills out the forms issued by the embassy with our help.
  • Registration of the company in Germany (if the company has not yet been established) or alternatively preparation of all incorporation documents by a German notary (draft agreement on establishment of the company)

II. Submission of documents to the German embassy

After all the documents have been finalized:

  • payment of 35% of the total amount invoiced by us to the client
  • submission of documents by the client to the German embassy in the client's current country of residence.

III. Consideration of the application by the Embassy and the German Authorities

All documents are examined by the Office for Foreigners, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK Industrie- und Handelskammer) and the Office for the Support of the Economy (Gewerbeamt/Wirtschaftsförderung) of the region in which the customer intends to reside and run his business. The deliberation period takes from 2 to 4 months from the moment of submission. All this time the representatives of Trimex Consulting remain in contact with all the above mentioned authorities, answer questions, deliver additional documents if required. We make sure the process of reviewing the application moves in the right direction.

IV. Temporary national visa for 3 months

If the application is approved by the above authorities, the investor will receive a temporary national German visa for a period of 3 months at the German Embassy in your country (after 4-5 months from signing the contract and starting work). At this point we expect a payment of 20% of the total cost of our service. With this national visa the client enters Germany.

V. Residency permit for 1 year

Now the investor has to fulfill the formal requirements to get a residence permit for 1 year.

  • Within 3 months the investor must: 
    • rent or buy an apartment / house;
    • get registered at the local city hall;
    • take out health insurance;
    • take out pension insurance if he's over 45 years old;
    • to incorporate the company, if it wasn't done already;
    • to sign an employment contract (Arbeitsvertrag) as the company director and provide proof of payroll.
  • All documents are forwarded to the Immigration Department (Ausländerbehörde).
  • The investor receives an electronic card - a residence permit for one year.
  • Payment of the last 10% of the total amount issued by us.). нами счёта.

VI. Extension of residence permit after one year

With the 1-year-card, the investor has the right to reside in Germany for 1 year, during which time the company must be active according to the business plan.

A year later, the company's activities are inspected. If the investor adheres to the business plan, the residency permit is usually extended for the next 2 years.

VII. Permanent residency permit in Germany

In 2 years (3 years in total since the residency permit was first granted) the immigration authorities conduct another inspection of the company.

Permanent residency permit without time limitation is issued on the condition that the company activity corresponds to the provided business plan and the living expenses are guaranteed. This means that the company must be active during the first three years in Germany.

If family members enter the country together with the client, they also need to be registered and obtain health insurance. Family members can enter Germany as part of family reunion.