Our consultants are often asked: "What kind of business should we choose in Germany?".

There is no easy answer to this question because in Germany, as in any other country, you can do anything that is allowed by law. And many foreign entrepreneurs successfully apply their talents in Germany in a variety of business areas: from construction to the establishment of cleaning companies, from IT to hotel business.

For the best answer to the above question you need to rephrase it: "What kind of business should I choose in Germany, with my experience, knowledge and financial possibilities?" And here we can help you.

Based on our knowledge of your possibilities and wishes, we analyze the situation in a particular market segment, verify the current offers and develop an individual offer for you.

However, experience shows that for some entrepreneurs, starting a business from scratch is not easy, especially in a foreign country and without professional support.

Thus, a franchise may prove to be the optimal form of setting up a business for many new entrepreneurs.

The essence of franchising can be summarized as follows: in exchange for the benefits associated with an already established trademark and business concept, the franchisee shares with the franchisor part of its profits and part of its independence.

Since 2008 Trimex Consulting has been cooperating with one of the largest networks of franchise consultants, with more than one hundred offices around the world.

Franchising is an interesting alternative to starting a business from scratch for many of our international clients who want to immigrate to Germany.

Our consultants will be happy to advise you on this matter and help you choose the right concept for you.