10 reasons to invest in Germany

Business in Germany guarantees stable growth and European security!

1. Germany's powerful economy as a fertile ground for business.

Germany is the locomotive of the European economy. In terms of GDP, Germany is Europe's largest economy and the second largest exporter in the world. Germany is the largest country in the European Union by population with a giant domestic market and easy access to the growing markets in the enlarged European Community.

2. The importance of the country on a global scale.

Germany is the world's main exporter after China. In the last ten years, Germany is the only G7 member to have been able to increase its global market share. The amount of foreign direct investment in Germany exceeds 460 billion euros per year.

3. High productivity

A series of market and economic transformations enable Germany to maintain its economic power at the highest level. The opportunities and potential of this country are constantly growing, which ensures that the highest productivity levels are achieved. This makes Germany a remarkable ground for business activities of any kind.

4. An excellent, highly qualified workforce is the engine of your business in Germany.

Germany's education system meets the highest standards. Especially at the level of the vocational education system, which is considered one of the best in the world.

5. Innovations

Germany is the number one country in Europe by the number of new developments. German government invests significant amounts in designated funds every year, which allow Germany to be a leading country in the field of innovation.

6. First-class infrastructure

Germany is at the heart of Europe, which gives it certain advantages in transport logistics. Its high-tech infrastructure, powerful energy sector, advanced communication systems, and transport leadership ensure on-time delivery of goods to various parts of the world.

7. Highly motivation in attracting foreign investors. Open your business in Germany and get favorable conditions for development.

Germany provides favorable conditions for foreign investors. A wide range of incentive programs ensure support and business opportunities at all stages of business development.

8. Excellent tax conditions

Germany has significantly reduced corporate tax. The far-reaching tax reform is especially supportive in the start-up phase for new companies.

9. Stability

A highly developed economy and a stable political situation provide the necessary security for your investment.

10. Quality of life

Germany is a modern country with multinational population and a high standard of living. A highly developed education and health care system, unlimited opportunities for sport and recreation, beautiful nature and a vibrant cultural life are just a few reasons why some seven million foreigners have chosen Germany as their new home in recent years.