Company Registration Process

Company Registration Process

The process of incorporating a company in Germany is quite fast and takes only 1-2 days, during which time you are required to be in Germany. During this time you must have the memorandum of incorporation approved by a notary public. TRIMEX Consulting specialists will help you to save time both at this stage and at the previous ones. We prepare the whole set of documents in the shortest possible time and provide the necessary translation into your native language or English.

There are no prolonged waiting periods for appointments with the notary. Our qualified consultants will manage your appointments and accompany you to all meetings with the notary and ensure the most favorable conditions for the registration of your company.

After the registration procedure your company in Germany is in the process of being founded (GmbH in Gründung). From this point onward, you can conduct business activities. During this time, however, you are liable for it with all your assets. Only after the company has been entered into the commercial register, which is 2 to 3 weeks after the signing of the foundation agreement, will your liability correspond to the amount of your share in the share capital of the company.

We advise you at all stages of your firm's operation. With our specialists you not only know exactly what you sign at the notary, but you can also choose the most appropriate region for your business.

With the assistance of TRIMEX Consulting, the time taken to incorporate a company in Germany is considerably shortened, allowing you to start your business as early as possible.

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