Terms of Company Registration

In many German cities, at least one of the company's managers must be either an EU resident or have a long-term business visa.

In Frankfurt am Main, the law is more liberal and does not impose any restrictions depending on the nationality or residence of the managers. In other words, a foreigner may be a founder and manager of a German company. This is a great advantage for you, since you do not need to hire a German manager. 

Of course, we can help you to register your company in any other city in Germany.

  • A prerequisite for the registration of a GmbH is the payment of the share capital. The amount of the share capital is at least EUR 25,000. The share capital is the property of the GmbH as a legal entity. It is formed from the contributions of the founders stipulated in the foundation agreement. Contributions are to be made in the form of a monetary contribution or as an asset contribution. We recommend that the share capital be in the form of a monetary contribution, since the transfer of things requires the provision of value expertise, which significantly slows down the registration procedure. A minimum of half (12,500 EUR) of the share capital should be deposited in the company's current account. After the registration of the company, the share capital is the working capital and can be used for the needs of the company.
  • An important prerequisite for establishing a company in Germany is that the company has its registered office and telephone number in Germany at the place of incorporation.