Acquisition of Business in Germany

ТRIMEX Consulting

If you have decided to buy a ready-made business in Germany, the TRIMEX Consulting will help you find what you are looking for! When purchasing a business the crucial issue is always the correct assessment of the real value of the object on sale and the risks associated with the acquisition. Undoubtedly, it is advisable to realistically assess your own capabilities: financial and managerial.

The main reasons why business is sold in Germany are:


  • lack of heirs heirs'
  • reluctance to continue their parents' business owner's disease, which prevents the owner from continuing business activities
  • desire to step down from active duty and retirement shareholder's wish to sell his stake
  • lack of own funds for further growth and investments in the future of the company
  • search for a strategic partner to develop new business opportunities and new markets
  • selling a branch of the business to focus on the core activities
  • Thus, the reasons for selling a business (or share in the business) can be divided into three main categories:

    • personal
    • financial
    • strategic

    Undoubtedly, there are a lot of offers on the market where the reason for the sale is the inevitable bankruptcy of the company due to inconsistency of business concept with the market needs.

    Thus, the price can be artificially inflated by the owner, in order to simply get rid of unprofitable business with the greatest possible benefit. There are many mechanisms to aid this fraudulent behavior starting with balance manipulation, manipulation on the securities market, maintenance of unprofitable directions and points of sale for visibility purposes.

    When searching for business sale proposals it is important to understand why the company is sold. The strategy of negotiating with the owner is then constructed on this basis.

    It is impossible to take into account all the details and correctly evaluate the business without an experienced specialist who not only understands the nuances of the law and market, but also understands your goals and your situation.

    We will identify the right option for you or recommend opening a completely new promising business. Another possible alternative is finding a suitable franchise partner.

    We cooperate with leading specialists and organizations in Germany and have contracts with many organizations (corporate brokers, real estate agents, bankruptcy managers, etc.), which gives us access to "hot", exclusive offers.