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Obtaining residency permit in Germany

Rapidly developing Federal Republic of Germany is increasingly in need of foreign capital and skilled labor. Therefore, the country's immigration policy has shifted steadily towards easing the requirements for candidates in recent years. Obtaining a residence permit in Germany has become more affordable especially for specialists, hired workers and entrepreneurs.

The most tangible changes concern business people. Initially, the ease of requirements concerned the reduction of the minimum investment amount and the reduction of the number of jobs to be created by a foreign entrepreneur. Since 2012, such requirements have been finally abolished. Now the main criterion for assessing the business is the underlying idea, the feasibility of its implementation, regional demand and positive impact on the economy. In the absence of personal funds, the basis for a positive decision may even be a loan confirmation from a bank.

Our team brings together qualified specialists from different fields, which allows us to quickly resolve issues related to obtaining a residence permit in Germany from a variety of perspectives.

Conditions of residence permit registration in Germany for entrepreneurs

A citizen of a non-EU country may obtain a residence permit in Germany for business activities:

  • The investor can come with a new idea and a business plan; I
  • t is possible to purchase an already existing business;
  • Enter into an existing enterprise (buy a part of the company);
  • Be a specialist in a free profession. As a rule, such person has higher education and can earn enough money with his professional qualification. For example, artists, designers, journalists, teachers, lawyers, architects, IT specialists, and many others.

Our company can help to implement any option. TRIMEX Consulting offers a full range of services: from consulting, translations and preparation of documents to defending our client's interests in dealings with authorities, negotiations with the Department of Immigration, obtaining a residence permit and supporting our client's business activities.

The requirements of the immigration authorities for obtaining a residence permit on the basis of business activities include:

  • Registration in Germany (purchase or lease of real estate);
  • Health insurance;
  • Pension insurance for persons over 45 years;
  • Work contract, payroll confirmation.

These documents will allow you to obtain a residence permit for one year and to extend it for another 2 or 3 years, to obtain a permanent residence permit or even to apply for German citizenship in the future.

With higher education in one of the most popular professions, a non-EU citizen can come to Germany on a blue card and take his family with him. To do this, you need to find a German employer who will sign an employment contract with you. Our company can help you find an employer in Germany, as well as prepare all the documents for obtaining the blue card in Germany. The office of our company is located in Frankfurt am Main, which allows us to resolve all issues related to obtaining the residence permit in Germany without involving of third parties and intermediaries . You can contact us to develop the best immigration strategy and get comprehensive support on fair terms.

Residence permit in Germany for wealthy foreigners

It is not necessary to work or have business in Germany in order to obtain a residence permit, permanent residence permit or citizenship. The law provides for the possibility of other justifiable reasons not expressly stated by law. As a result, it is possible to obtain a residence permit in Germany for financially independent persons, without having to work or buy a business. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you must prove your financial solvency. This is what you need:

  • Bank statements for recent periods;
  • Proof of ownership of real estate property in Germany or other countries;
  • Confirmation from the tax office about income and its sources.

Keep in mind that obtaining a residence permit under these conditions should include a strong letter of motivation. This kind of permit supposes a ban on employment or business activities in the country.

TRIMEX Consulting will make it easier for you to obtain a residence permit in Germany regardless of the specific program and activities selected. Contact us to get advice, learn more about the conditions of services and develop an individual strategy of dealing with the immigration authorities.