Blue Card 2019

Blue Card Germany for highly qualified specialists

Many people whose profession is valued abroad are interested in emigration to Germany with the Blue Card. It is attractive because it not only allows you to legally stay and work in the European Union, but also to arrange for the family reunion without the application hurdles for each family member. This latter aspect is what makes the Blue Card so attractive in the first place. Thus, it is possible to provide children with the opportunity to get European education, high level of health care and living conditions for the whole family.

Other key benefits are social and economic security, a high level of pay, on an equal footing with EU citizens, and the prospect of obtaining an indefinite residence permit if you fulfil the terms of employment contracts and do not dismiss or change employers without permission of the supervising authorities for 21 months.

How to get the Blue Card in Germany

In order to receive the German "Blaue Karte", you have to meet a number of criteria. In general, they can be presented as follows:Citizenship of a country outside the European Union;

Formal employment contract;

Availability of documented qualification, often - not below the level of "specialist", "master";

Health insurance;

Absence of criminal record;

Mental health, confirmed by the medical commission.

Trimex Consulting will help to collect and submit the necessary documents, fill out applications, consult on the details of participation in the program and will help to achieve a positive result in a short time.

What professions are covered by the Blue Card program?

The complete list of professions for the Blue Card program in Germany is about the same as the list of the most demanded EU specialists. These include:

  • Doctors and medics with a narrow specialization: anesthesiologists, surgeons, pharmacists, medical technicians etc. including veterinary medicine;
  • Psychologists in various fields: family psychology, Gestalt psychology, psychoanalysis, psychotherapists;
  • Lawyers, especially specializing in family law, conducting business with insurance companies;
  • Pedagogical staff for math and sciences;
  • Advertising and sales;
  • Engineers;
  • Specialists in natural sciences;
  • IT professionals.
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The most sought-after specialists have the best conditions for obtaining the Blue Card, as the minimum required salary for them is lower than for other specialists.  Depending on the region, the list may vary, and quotas may be introduced for some professions, making it difficult to obtain a residence permit for employment.

Assistance in obtaining the Blue Card in Germany

Our consultants will help you to apply for the Blue Card in Germany in the shortest possible time. You can get a residence permit for a period of one to 4 years with the possibility of renewal. We offer comprehensive assistance and support in preparing the necessary documents, communication with the immigration and other authorities, assistance in subsequent processing the permanent residence permit.

Obtaining the Blue Card and immigrating to Germany is a real chance to find the job of your dreams, to get a decent salary. In 2019, the program implies an official salary of at least €3,484/month for especially scarce specialists and €4,466.67/month for others. Trimex Consulting offers qualified assistance in relocating to Germany for work or business in any field and of any scale.