Frankfurt am Main



Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main has a history dating back to 1240 and is today the financial capital of Germany. Back in the Middle Ages, thanks to its favorable geographical location, Frankfurt became an important trading center. The first international fairs were held here, and in 1585 the famous Frankfurt Stock Exchange was opened, which is today the fourth largest exchange in the world by trading volume.

Although Frankfurt has a population of only 700,000, it is the second largest financial center in Europe after London. The silhouette of Frankfurt is fascinating with its futuristic bank skyscrapers and the ultramodern buildings of large firms. This is why Frankfurt is called Mainhatten. There are more than 420 German and international credit and finance companies and banks in Frankfurt. More than 34 industrial exhibitions and fairs are held here every year, attracting more than 1.6 million visitors. In addition, the central office of the Federal Bank of Germany is located in Frankfurt, and since 1999 the European Central Bank, regulating monetary policy of the EU.

Only 12 km south-east of Frankfurt city center is the largest international airport in Germany. Frankfurt Airport is used for flights to more than 200 destinations in Europe and is also known for its numerous flights to the CIS and Baltic countries. The "home" airport of Lufthansa receives more than 50 million passengers per year!

However, the pulsating life of Frankfurt am Main is connected not only with its financial importance, but also with the multifaceted nature of Frankfurt. The southern bank of the Main River Museums is dotted with beautiful cathedrals and museums that turn the city into a pilgrimage destination for art lovers. Frankfurt is also famous for its longest shopping mile on Zeil Street in Germany. Internationalism in Frankfurt is a daily phenomenon that reflects the city's dynamics.

The central geographical location of Frankfurt, the excellently developed business infrastructure, financial services, transport, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and numerous international fairs all create excellent conditions for the organization and development of your business in Frankfurt am Main.

Watch a short promotional film about Frankfurt, produced by the Frankfurt Economic Development Ministry. The film shows the many advantages of Frankfurt as the best place for business in Germany that few people know about.