Permanent residence permit: general overview

Immigration to Germany

Moving to Germany with TRIMEX Consulting will require much less effort and time, because we take care of dealing with the immigration authorities, preparing the necessary documents, translation and simultaneous interpretating services.

Becoming a resident requires meticulous planing for the next several year. Germany has high requirements even for those who apply for a residence permit. But with qualified support, any task becomes achievable. We will be happy to accompany you in this journey and provide you with the opportunity to live indefinitely in a highly developed European country with free travel within the European Union, access to quality health care, education, high standard of living for you and your family.

How to acquire the permanent residence permit in Germany

The scheme for obtaining the permanent residence permit in Germany is approximately the same as in other EU countries:

  • First, a temporary residence permit is issued. The permit is issued for several years and can be extended;
  • The residence permit is extended several times in order to comply with the condition regarding the length of stay in Germany. Then the documents for a permanent residence permit are submitted. The likelihood of obtaining a positive resolution depends on many factors, and our company will help to develop the most advantageous strategy to present the client's candidacy in the best possible way;
  • After 8 years of legal stay in Germany and if you are fluent in German, you can apply for citizenship.

With regard to initial immigration to Germany, there are several legal ways to move to the country:

  1. To enter a German university;
  2. Get a job;
  3. Become a business investor;
  4. Special conditions for certain professionals and entrepreneursFamily reunification is another reason for moving to Germany both in case of marriage to a German national and in case of moving to close family members who work as part of the Blue Card program.

Assistance in applying for a temporary or permanent residence permit in Germany

The TRIMEX Consulting will help you to find the best solution for moving to Germany for permanent residence. We offer consistent and complete support in obtaining a permanent residence permit as a result of employment, investment activities in the territory of Germany and in other situations, provide a number of accompanying services (registration of a company in Germany, registration of a legal address, preparation of a professional business plan, etc.). We will develop the best solution for you to obtain a residence permit, permanent residence permit or citizenship in Germany.