Advantages of the Company Registration in Germany

Would you benefit from starting a company in Germany?

There is no unequivocal answer to that question. In order to make a decision it is necessary to weigh all pros and cons. Based on our experience, we would like to make you aware of the main advantages and disadvantages of incorporating a company in Germany.

Possible advantages of opening the firm in Germany for foreign citizens:

  • Legal safety and security of investment Investments made by your German company in business located in a foreign country are reliably protected.
  • Germany is the largest market in Europe 
  • Direct purchase from European manufacturers without intermediaries
  • Ability to obtain commodity credits from European suppliers
  • Positive image of GmbH, both in Germany and in other countries
  • More advantageous conditions for leasing equipment in Germany by a company registered in Germany
  • Possibility of investment in joint ventures.
  • Equipment contributed to the charter capital of a joint venture is subject to preferential customs duty in many countries.
  • Obtaining a business visa and a permanent residency in Germany

For investments and job creation in Germany, it is possible to obtain a residence permit.

Disadvantages of registering a company in Germany:

  1. Additional expenses for establishment and maintenance of the company
  2. Compulsory deposit of half (12,500 euros) of the minimum share capital of 25,000 euros into the company account in Germany. After registration of the company, the share capital is the working capital and can be used for the needs of the company. If the share capital of 12,500 euros is spent by the company, the second half will have to be paid.