Office Rental Services

Office Rental Services in Germany

Registration of the legal company address in Germany along with the telephone number at the place of the company registration are important aspects of setting up your own company in any country. TRIMEX Consulting offers two types of office rental services:

  1. Renting an office for the company employees in Germany;
  2. Renting a virtual office in Germany to register the company's legal address as well as telephone and fax services.

Within just a few days we can offer equipped office space for your sales or support employees in a comfortable working environment including high-speed Internet, dedicated telephone line, office and video-conferencing equipment.

Our team can also help you to select an office in Germany available for purchase or other commercial real estate for your business. We will assist you with the relevant documentation and translating services as necessary and resolve all the issues associated with your business activities.

Offices in Frankfurt am Main for your company

It is possible to rent a convenient and inexpensive office in Frankfurt. We offer:

  • Equipped office space for small teams (1-5 people);
  • Furnished and unfurnished offices;
  • Premises of various sizes, from 12 m2;
  • High speed Internet connection
  • On-the-spot set up of telephone and fax lines
  • Flexible lease terms;
  • Expansion and reduction of staff at any convenient time;
  • Affordable prices, no initial investment and no brokerage fees.

We provide services to international clients so all the communication can be either in your native language or in English. We can provide translation of any documentation, consultation on the registration of business and assistance in dealing with immigration and other government agencies in multiple languages.

Renting a virtual office in Germany

In certain cases, there is no need for a physical office with company employees. A virtual office in Germany can be useful if you plan to buy a business in the region but want to have a legal address in a city or if your business does not require a physical office space such as IT, design, provision of information services, sales etc.

Turnkey virtual office for rent from TRIMEX Consulting will allow you to register a company legal address in Germany as well as to secure business communication via telephone and fax. In addition, you can acquire the services of an office manager, who will take calls on behalf of your company. The most important calls can be forwarded directly to your supervisor and the rest of the calls can be included in a detailed report.