Client testimonials


I stumbled across Trimex Consulting GmbH on the internet by accident. I really liked that the team is so highly qualified. They could explain everything and answer my questions about the residency permit in Germany. I decided to work with them and I haven't regretted my decision. They took care of all the official documents and translations. I only provided them with my personal data and told them what I was planning to do in Germany. The residency permit went through very quickly which really surprised me. Everything was done in 3-4 months. They were very attentive to all my questions and provided professional solutions and consultations on how to resolve issues. As a result, they helped me to register two companies and to prepare the documentations for a credit to purchase an apartment which I couldn't even hope for. All the guys working there are honest and decent. It is a rare thing nowadays considering that everybody is only interested in ripping you off. I continue working with this company on the issues of further development and promotion of my business in Germany.


We are software developers, and our goal was to open our own company in Germany. We did not speak the language and had no knowledge of the legal particularities of the process. Our search for potential partners was very meticulous and time consuming. We have looked at dozens of companies.

Compared to other companies, when we worked with Trimex, the answers to our questions did not lead to other questions. All the answers were complete and understandable. Their "human language" and not the complex legal jargon really set them apart from other companies. We have quickly decided to choose them and we were right. Our meeting in Germany and the whole procedure exceeded all our expectations.

1. First of all, since we still don't speak German, it was our constant fear that we would have to sign something we didn't understand and get in trouble. But this fear quickly evaporated when we met at the notary's office. Alexander Chrisanov gave us all the documents in German with an accompanying translation. The documents themselves were not that extensive and they were quite understandable compared to many other legal documents that you hardly understand without legal experience. In addition to that, Alexander explained the content of the contract to us. We literally had no questions after that.

I would like to add that the consultant that dealt with us was also the translator and the cost of translating and interpreting was already included in the fee. Just to give you an idea, the company that failed us previously sent an interpreter who had no experience with the legal language and who also charged additional hourly fee.

2. The second thing that impressed us was that Alexander took us to the bank in his car. It might seem insignificant but other companies included this kind of "service" as part of some premium package.

3. Regarding the fees, there were no hidden charges. Other companies have a very confusing fees and services list with additional charges always popping up out of nowhere. These people have a very reasonable one-time fee and there are no additional charges or "hourly mugging".

So compared to our negative experiences we are completely smitten by this company. Perhaps even more than somebody who had dealt with them from the beginning. But it is not just that. They really are a very good company that offers quality services. So, we highly recommend them!

To summarize:


+ low price compared to other companies

+ simple procedure (they take care of everything, we don't need to worry about anything)

+ transparent, they explain everything and answer all the questions

+ quick response to emails and questions

+ in general, good service, take care of everything, deal with all the issues and arrange everything

+ very pleasant to deal with


- have not been identified.


I have been thinking of moving to a more politically and financially stable country since the political unrest in Ukraine in 2014.  A lot of people left then and there have been a lot of options offered to us. Some of them legal, some not so much... I have picked Germany. One of my friends recommended Trimex. As he said: "They offer realistic and attainable things and do not build sand castles!" I have had the pleasure of having the same experience with this company. After about a month of negotiating over Skype, I had a clear picture. After another week of preparing the documents with my partners, we were in Frankfurt starting our business with the help of the experts from Trimex. The next step was preparing the necessary documentation for the German embassy in Kiev. Two months after submitting our documentation, we received an unexpectedly quick positive response from the embassy. I even felt a bit unprepared. But we quickly set to work to organize the move. And now I would like to express my thanks to Alexander Chrisanov and the Trimex team for their support. It has been 4 years now that I moved to Germany. Recently I was granted the permanent resident status. Without a shadow of a doubt can I recommend this company as solid partners.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to write about my experience of working with Trimex Consulting. Our difficult journey to Germany has started like for many others with dispensing large amounts of money to the many willing recipients, with the unfortunate acquaintance with shady lawyers, disposable companies and other organizations that promised a quick and effective way to realize our dream! Having signed a contract with another lawyer, we met  Alexey and Alexander who helped us to write a business plan for our dance school. This was the start of our collaboration. If only we had met them in the beginning! We would have saved a lot of money and time. It is true. Because these guys don't need anybody else. They can resolve all the issues themselves and deal with any situation. They have a huge spectrum of services and you can entrust them with the whole process until you hold the little piece of paper with your permanent residency in your hands. And you can be sure that everything will be done just the right way. Thanks to a great business plan we were granted the residency status not for a year which is usually the case but for 3 years! Even though there were no rainbows and unicorns in the German budget. We have continued our collaboration with Alexey and Alexander to the present day. They not only do they take care of our accounting, and they do an excellent job there, but they also help us with a myriad of other issues. This summer we could extend our residency permit for another 3 years with the help of Alexey and Alexander without any lawyers involved. Even though we haven't had an exorbitant turnover in our business. The guys wrote an excellent letter to accompany the application, gave us a few tips, and it all went smoothly.

All this praise may not sound so convincing considering that we are a creative bunch and I have not given you all the hard facts and figures. But I would like to say that it is very important for me personally that Alexey and Alexander are very decent and empathetic people, no go-getters. They actually care about how we are doing and they don't just walk by. They always try to help and support. Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to find professionals with such human qualities. They have a great team and everybody we have dealt with at the company leave the same impression. We have a lot of pupils in our school now, we earn good money, we are doing great. And it will not be a lie if I say that we owe all this to Trimex Consulting GmbH. I highly recommend them.


I have been considering moving to Europe for a long time but hadn't found the necessary support. In 2017 my business partner told me about Trimex, a consulting company based in Frankfurt. He had had very positive referrals from a good friend who has been successfully working with Trimex for over 10 years. This fact alone spoke for itself. And this is exactly how it turned out to be. My business idea has been quickly transformed into a business plan, all the necessary documents for the consulate were prepared for the visas for me and my wife. Then the process took its course and now, in 2019, we opened our first restaurant and we were granted permanent residency.

Alexander Chrisanov has been constantly in touch with us throughout the process, giving us valuable advice in all the different areas. We continue working with Trimex in other areas now such as accounting and business strategy.