DanceArt GmbH


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to write about my experience of working with Trimex Consulting. Our difficult journey to Germany has started like for many others with dispensing large amounts of money to the many willing recipients, with the unfortunate acquaintance with shady lawyers, disposable companies and other organizations that promised a quick and effective way to realize our dream! Having signed a contract with another lawyer, we met  Alexey and Alexander who helped us to write a business plan for our dance school. This was the start of our collaboration. If only we had met them in the beginning! We would have saved a lot of money and time. It is true. Because these guys don't need anybody else. They can resolve all the issues themselves and deal with any situation. They have a huge spectrum of services and you can entrust them with the whole process until you hold the little piece of paper with your permanent residency in your hands. And you can be sure that everything will be done just the right way. Thanks to a great business plan we were granted the residency status not for a year which is usually the case but for 3 years! Even though there were no rainbows and unicorns in the German budget. We have continued our collaboration with Alexey and Alexander to the present day. They not only do they take care of our accounting, and they do an excellent job there, but they also help us with a myriad of other issues. This summer we could extend our residency permit for another 3 years with the help of Alexey and Alexander without any lawyers involved. Even though we haven't had an exorbitant turnover in our business. The guys wrote an excellent letter to accompany the application, gave us a few tips, and it all went smoothly.

All this praise may not sound so convincing considering that we are a creative bunch and I have not given you all the hard facts and figures. But I would like to say that it is very important for me personally that Alexey and Alexander are very decent and empathetic people, no go-getters. They actually care about how we are doing and they don't just walk by. They always try to help and support. Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to find professionals with such human qualities. They have a great team and everybody we have dealt with at the company leave the same impression. We have a lot of pupils in our school now, we earn good money, we are doing great. And it will not be a lie if I say that we owe all this to Trimex Consulting GmbH. I highly recommend them.