Igor B.


I stumbled across Trimex Consulting GmbH on the internet by accident. I really liked that the team is so highly qualified. They could explain everything and answer my questions about the residency permit in Germany. I decided to work with them and I haven't regretted my decision. They took care of all the official documents and translations. I only provided them with my personal data and told them what I was planning to do in Germany. The residency permit went through very quickly which really surprised me. Everything was done in 3-4 months. They were very attentive to all my questions and provided professional solutions and consultations on how to resolve issues. As a result, they helped me to register two companies and to prepare the documentations for a credit to purchase an apartment which I couldn't even hope for. All the guys working there are honest and decent. It is a rare thing nowadays considering that everybody is only interested in ripping you off. I continue working with this company on the issues of further development and promotion of my business in Germany.