Anton and Roman


We are software developers, and our goal was to open our own company in Germany. We did not speak the language and had no knowledge of the legal particularities of the process. Our search for potential partners was very meticulous and time consuming. We have looked at dozens of companies.

Compared to other companies, when we worked with Trimex, the answers to our questions did not lead to other questions. All the answers were complete and understandable. Their "human language" and not the complex legal jargon really set them apart from other companies. We have quickly decided to choose them and we were right. Our meeting in Germany and the whole procedure exceeded all our expectations.

1. First of all, since we still don't speak German, it was our constant fear that we would have to sign something we didn't understand and get in trouble. But this fear quickly evaporated when we met at the notary's office. Alexander Chrisanov gave us all the documents in German with an accompanying translation. The documents themselves were not that extensive and they were quite understandable compared to many other legal documents that you hardly understand without legal experience. In addition to that, Alexander explained the content of the contract to us. We literally had no questions after that.

I would like to add that the consultant that dealt with us was also the translator and the cost of translating and interpreting was already included in the fee. Just to give you an idea, the company that failed us previously sent an interpreter who had no experience with the legal language and who also charged additional hourly fee.

2. The second thing that impressed us was that Alexander took us to the bank in his car. It might seem insignificant but other companies included this kind of "service" as part of some premium package.

3. Regarding the fees, there were no hidden charges. Other companies have a very confusing fees and services list with additional charges always popping up out of nowhere. These people have a very reasonable one-time fee and there are no additional charges or "hourly mugging".

So compared to our negative experiences we are completely smitten by this company. Perhaps even more than somebody who had dealt with them from the beginning. But it is not just that. They really are a very good company that offers quality services. So, we highly recommend them!

To summarize:


+ low price compared to other companies

+ simple procedure (they take care of everything, we don't need to worry about anything)

+ transparent, they explain everything and answer all the questions

+ quick response to emails and questions

+ in general, good service, take care of everything, deal with all the issues and arrange everything

+ very pleasant to deal with


- have not been identified.